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All music (originals, remixes & covers), photos, videos and general information will be uploaded here allowing you to keep up to date with what I do everyday of my life as Paul Venkman.

Various pages have been setup for you interact with the music I've created and stay tuned with what is going on with me.

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Over The Horizon
Paul Venkman (Over The Horizon)

"Over The Horizon" is part of Paul Venkman Soundtracks for Film (Chillout Electronica).



28th October 2012

My Remixes "Fadeaway" & "Welcome To The End" are now available for Free Download. Get them while they are available, once the download counter runs to 100 then they are gone (Links are on the song names).

26th October 2012

Paul Venkman is now the proud owner of a Rode NT1-A Condenser Vocal Microphone. I've been recording vocals this week and un-EQ'd they sound fantastic (definitely a welcome change from the Shure SM58 I've been using to record all my vocals with).

Check out my most recent upload on Soundcloud "Reaching Out" that has my new vocal sound because of the new mic.     <CLICK ME>

In other news Fixt Remix is officially closed - I know right? It makes me sad too, however the good news is I am willing to send whatever remix you want. Take a look at the Music Page (under remixes) or "My Youtube" for specifics. Peace out!

13th October 2012

I've uploaded to Soundcloud an album sampler - it's more of a chapter sampler hopefully you'll understand what I mean when you see it.

I've been itching to show you all what I've been working on these past few months but every time I've wanted to upload something I've slapped myself in da face ... 

Anyway what you'll hear are new mixes and new songs of what I've been working on so check out the link below and if you have a Soundcloud account leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Thanks and keep on rockin! >>> Click Me


28th September 2012

I've finally got this website up and running so it allows you all to view my page and start trolling :P

I've got a new remix on Fixt Remix called "First" feat. The Unik by Niveau Zero. The Link is on my Music Page or if you know my Artist Page go to it and check it out. Peace.

Also I've recently done a remix for Electronic Rock Artist "TweakerRay". Check out his page and his music. The remix is bonus feature for those who buy the deluxe edition of his new album "The Collector: Chapter 02" so you download it you're going to have to purchase his album. The link to the remix is HERE



December 2012 - News

3rd December 2012

Paul Venkman is officially on Soundclick, the cool thing about Soundclick is they have a charts system so your songs get entered in there, people listen and you grow the fan base even bigger. Become a fan "Here" and check out the new song I have on there.

Stay tuned on Facebook, MySpace (yes I said myspace), Soundclick, Soundcloud and Youtube for all the new releases.

November 2012 - News

25th November 2012

My new song "Promise" is now available on Youtube for your view pleasure. The video was uploaded by none other than the legend "Dylan37373" (who had permission to do so by the way - by me).

A lot of you had been dying to hear some originals from me so now you can check out this song. It's going to be made available for purchase on iTunes next year in January 2013 along with an instrumental mix and remix. 

Stay tuned for new music and check out Dylan's channel, on there also is my remix of "Celldweller - Fadeaway (Paul Venkman Remix)" which is also available for Free Download on Soundcloud "Here" Peace out and check the music out!

5th November 2012

The first single to be released is a song I wrote recently called "Pusher" and will be available to buy on iTunes next month. Stay tuned my friends.

2nd November 2012

Today I got some new Headphones, lots of new items to come this month but for I'm rockin the Audio Technica ATH-M40fs and OMG stick some Celldweller and they sound amaaaaaazing! Yep that's my recording sessions sorted!